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Digital Is Destroying Everything

What the Tech Giants Won’t Tell You about How Robots, Big Data and Algorithms Are Radically Remaking Your Future
Andrew V Edwards , local secure 


Every year, perhaps even every week, there is some new gadget, device, service, or other digital offering intended to make our lives easier, better, more fun, or more instantaneous–making it that much harder to question how anything digital can be bad for us. Digital has created some wonderful things and we can hardly imagine life without them. But digital—the most relentless social and economic juggernaut humanity has unleashed in centuries—is also destroying much we had taken for granted. And what is your place in this brave new world?
In Digital Is Destroying Everything, futurist and digital marketing consultant Andrew Edwards tours the “blasted heath” digital is leaving behind and takes a fearless look at the troubled landscape that may lie ahead. The book is not, despite ist title, a dystopian rant against all things digital and technological. Instead, expect to find a lively investigation into the ways digital has opened us to new and sometimes quite wonderful experiences, driven down costs for consumers, and given information a chance to be free. But the book also takes a clear-eyed look at many of the good (and sometimes bad) things—businesses and behaviors—digital has destroyed, and how the world may be diminished, compromised, and altered forever in ist wake. This tour of the effects of digital technologies on our lives is sure to raise questions, touch a nerve, and enlighten even the most dedicated digital enthusiasts.
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Alvin Toffler

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Algorithmusalgorithm, Apple, augmented realityaugmented reality, big databig data, China, Computercomputer, ContentContent, Datendata, Digitalisierung, Geschäftsmodellbusiness model, Gesichtserkennungface recognition, Informationinformation, Intel, Konsumismusconsumerism, Künstliche Intelligenz (KI / AI)artificial intelligence, Marketingmarketing, NSA, Privatsphäreprivacy, Roboterrobot, Technologietechnology, Weblogsblogging, Zukunftfuture
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1970  local secure Future Shock (Alvin Toffler) 22, 47, 19, 15, 37, 30, 29, 26, 22, 15, 18, 172910117818

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