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Categorization Categorization


Categorization, Kategorisierung


Categorization is the process of dividing the world into groups of entities whose members are in some way similar to each other.
Von Elin K. Jacob im Text Classification and Categorization (2004) auf Seite  4
In its most rudimentary form, categorization can be defined as the placement of entities in groups whose members bear some similarity to each other. Within the framework of the classical theory of categories, however, categorization is the process of systematically dividing up the world of experience into a formalized and potentially hierarchical structure of categories, each of which is defined by a unique set of essential feature(s).
Von Elin K. Jacob im Text Classification and Categorization (2004) auf Seite  521


Categorization divides the world of experience into groups or categories whose members share some perceptible similarity within a given context. That this context may vary and with it the composition of the category is the very basis for both the flexibility and the power of cognitive categorization.
Von Elin K. Jacob im Text Classification and Categorization (2004)
This lack of distinction between category/categorization and class/classification is frequently compounded by the use of concept as yet another synonym for category [...]. Unfortunately, this terminological imprecision obscures the fact that researchers are actually dealing with two similar but nonetheless distinct approaches to organization.
Von Elin K. Jacob im Text Classification and Categorization (2004) auf Seite  527
Martin Jürg EpplerCategorization is a crucial prerequisite to deal adequately with a problem or process a great amount of information. The wrong type of categorization (i.e., framing a problem in only one way) can lead to a distorted image of reality and block out possible solutions. Hence, conceptual management tools need to provide ways in which various categories (to frame an issue) can be systematically exploited and evaluated.
Von Martin Jürg Eppler im Text Conceptual Management Tools (2000)
Although there are obvious similarities between classification and categorization, the differences between them have significant implications for the constitution of an information environment. Failure to distinguish between these two systems of organization appears to stem from the misconception that they are, in fact, synonymous-a misconception that may be reinforced by the fact that both are mechanisms for organizing information.
Von Elin K. Jacob im Text Classification and Categorization (2004) auf Seite  527

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