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Categorization of Pictures in Tasks of the Bebras Contest

Monika Tomcsányiová, Martina Kabátová
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This paper deals with the importance and meaning of pictures in a process of learning and specifically deals with the use of images in contest tasks. We examined a large database of such tasks and we provide a variety of examples of contest tasks taking into account the ways of using pictures as visual cues in them. Our goal is to categorize the task-pictures according to their use, content and type. We focus on pictures that are directly related to informatics concepts (e.g., algorithms, data structures). Our categorization of pictures will help us better understand the meaning and nature of the pictures. We will be more knowledgeable when deciding how important a picture is for a specific task and how it relates to the text of the task.

Von Monika Tomcsányiová, Martina Kabátová im Konferenz-Band Informatics in Schools - Sustainable Informatics Education for Pupils of all Ages (2013) im Text Categorization of Pictures in Tasks of the Bebras Contest

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