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Conceptualising Authentic Mobile Learning

Kevin Burden, Matthew Kearney
Zu finden in: Mobile Learning Design (Seite 27 bis 42), 2016 local secure 
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Conventional accounts of authentic learning focus on contextual factors: tasks, processes, how situated the learning is and the extent to which learners engage in simulated or participative real-world activities. This paper theorises how ubiquitous mobile technologies are fracturing the boundaries that demarcate traditional accounts of authentic learning affording new opportunities to reconceptualise what authenticity means for learners when they use a boundary object such as a mobile device. Whilst some of this has been captured previously with terms like ‘seamless´, ‘contextualised´ and ‘agile´ learning, this paper argues that the concept of authentic mobile learning is a highly fluid construct which will continue to change as the technologies develop and as the pedagogical affordances become better understood by educators and end-users. The paper offers a three-dimensional model of authentic mobile learning and argues that further empirical research is required to understand what is authentic mobile learning from the perception of learners.

Von Kevin Burden, Matthew Kearney im Buch Mobile Learning Design (2016) im Text Conceptualising Authentic Mobile Learning

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