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Why students drop out CS1 course?

Päivi Kinnunen, Lauri Malmi
Zu finden in: ICER 2006 (Seite 97 bis 108), 2006
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This study focuses on CS minor students' decisions to drop out from the CS1 course. The high level of drop out percentage has been a problem at Helsinki University of Technology for many years. This course has yearly enrolment of 500-600 students and the drop out percentage has varied from 30-50 percents.Since we did not have clear picture of drop out reasons we conducted a qualitative interview research in which 18 dropouts from the CS1 course were interviewed. The reasons of drop out were categorized and, in addition, each case was investigated individually. This procedure enabled us to both list the reasons and to reveal the cumulative nature of drop out reasons.The results indicate that several reasons affect students' decision to quit the CS1 course. The most frequent reasons were the lack of time and the lack of motivation. However, both of these reasons were in turn affected by factors, such as the perceived difficulty of the course, general difficulties with time managing and planning studies, or the decision to prefer something else. Furthermore, low comfort level and plagiarism played a role in drop out. In addition, drop out reasons cumulated.This study shows that the complexity and large variety of factors involved in students' decision to drop the course. This indicates that simple actions to improve teaching or organization on a CS1 course to reduce drop out may be ineffective. Efficient intervention to the problem apparently requires a combination of many different actions that take into consideration the versatile nature of reasons involved in drop out.
Von Päivi Kinnunen, Lauri Malmi im Konferenz-Band ICER 2006 im Text Why students drop out CS1 course? (2006)

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