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Narrating data structures

the role of context in CS2
Svetlana Yarosh, Mark Guzdial
Zu finden in: ICER 2007 (Seite 87 bis 98), 2007
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Mark Guzdial

Learning computing with respect to the context of its use has been linked in previous reports to student motivation in introductory CS courses. In this report, we consider the role of context in a second course. We present a case study of a CS2 data structures class that uses a media computation context. In this course, students learn data structures and object-oriented programming through a pervasive narrative about how real media professionals use data structures to model the real world and to construct the digital images, sounds, and animations with which the students are familiar in their daily lives. We found that context played a different role in a second course than in a first course. We found evidence that some students did not need context to appreciate computing, but we also found evidence that context can help students get engaged with the material that they otherwise do not find interesting. In particular, the narrative aspect of a context may help students in relating the elements of the course and may even help with learning.

Von Svetlana Yarosh, Mark Guzdial im Konferenz-Band ICER 2007 im Text Narrating data structures (2007)

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