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Tools for Analyzing Qualitative Data

The History and Relevance of Qualitative Data Analysis Software
Linda S. Gilbert, Kristi Jackson, Silvana di Gregorio
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The most common question from novices regarding the use of software in qualitative research is 'which program should I use?” when they would be better served by asking 'what analytical tasks will I be engaged in, and what are the different ways I can leverage technology to do them well?” In this chapter, we first provide an overview of tasks involved in analyzing qualitative data, with a focus on increasingly complex projects, before we turn to the software meant to support these tasks. One genre of software, known as Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS or QDA software), is specifically designed to support qualitative research, as opposed to tools primarily used for the collection of data (such as audio or video recorders), or presentation of findings (such as presentation or modeling software). We briefly review the historical development of QDA software—including associated methodological questions and issues—before identifying the increasingly diverse array of expected features and functions in most of the current software programs. We then summarize the 'user experience” literature and subsequently discuss the boundaries between cadres of qualitative researchers who do use software, and those who do not. Finally, we address potential directions as these programs are being influenced by Web 2.0 developments.
Von Kristi Jackson, Silvana di Gregorio im Buch Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology (2014) im Text Tools for Analyzing Qualitative Data

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