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Computer science innovation in Thailand

Jan C. Miller
Zu finden in: ICER 2009 (Seite 63 bis 74), 2009
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This paper reports on an empirical qualitative study of computer science education in Thailand following an aid project. The project was attempting to improve teaching quality at a time of significant change in educational delivery worldwide (1999--2004). The focus of the study was to determine the diffusion and extent of adoption of the presented technological and educational innovations and to evaluate project success from the Thai perspective. Interviews from ten computer science departments were analysed in relation to computer science technologies, teaching methods, innovation diffusion and adoption, organizational culture, systems success and national cultural behaviour. Academic perceptions indicated project success with the adoption of numerous technological innovations, curricula, teaching and research innovations, but that this success did not necessarily equate to widespread sustained innovation. Conclusions from the research identified factors influencing educational reform in computer science in a cultural context. A theoretical model, showing the external and stakeholder influences, was developed showing the factors motivating and inhibiting innovation adoption. Of particular interest was the influence of national behavioural culture, institutional development and change agents' activities including their communication strategies and influence on policymakers and peer networks to improve the sustainability of Thai computer science innovation.

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