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Tracing Competing Paradigms

Zu finden in: Mapping Scientific Frontiers (Seite 167 bis 190), 2003  local secure web 
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Bibliometrics can show sociological tendencies in knowledge development, but the interpretation of these tendencies must be based on broader knowledge in the sociology and philosophy of science. From the point of view of domain analysis, bibliometrics is only a means to an end and it must be based on a more comprehensive methodology that addresses the contextual issues at the level of an entire domain Hjrøland and Albrechtsen, 1995.
im Buch Mapping Scientific Frontiers (2003) im Text Tracing Competing Paradigms
Chaomei ChenChapter 6 [...] focuses on the visualization of c?mpeting paradigms by using the theories and techniques described in previous Chapters. This chapter demonstrates the process of detecting competig paradigms through two detailed case studies. One is on the prolonged scientific debates among geologists and paleontologists on mass extinctions. The other is on the search for super-massive black holes and the active nuclei paradigm concerning astronomers and astrophysics.
Von Chaomei Chen im Buch Mapping Scientific Frontiers (2003) im Text The Growth of Scientific Knowledge auf Seite  36

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