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Organisation = Maschine organizations as machines

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Systems ThinkingThe machine view dominated management theory during the first half of the 20th century and, as we suggested, has been remarkably difficult to shift from managers’ minds. It represents organizations as rational instruments designed to achieve the purposes of their owners or controllers. The task to be achieved is broken down into parts, and rules are established that govern the behaviour of these parts. A hierarchy of authority exercises coordination and control. Efficiency in achieving the predetermined purposes is the most highly valued attribute of the organization as a machine. This metaphor is seen as neglecting the individuals who make up the organization and as producing organizational designs that are too rigid in volatile environments.
Von Michael C. Jackson im Buch Systems Thinking (2003) im Text Creativity and Systems auf Seite  34


Reinventing OrganizationsThe machine metaphor, as impersonal as it sounds, also reveals the dynamic nature of organizations in Orange (as compared to Amber, where we think of organizations as rigid, unchanging sets of rules and hierarchies). There is room for energy, creativity, and innovation. At the same time, the metaphor of the machine indicates that these organizations, however much they brim with activity, can still feel lifeless and soulless.
Von Frederic Laloux im Buch Reinventing Organizations (2014)
Reinventing OrganizationsAchievement-Orange thinks of organizations as machines, a heritage from reductionist science and the industrial age. The engineering jargon we use to talk about organizations reveals how deeply (albeit often unconsciously) we hold this metaphor in the world today. We talk about units and layers, inputs and outputs, efficiency and effectiveness, pulling the lever and moving the needle, accelerating and hitting the brakes, scoping problems and scaling solutions, information flows and bottlenecks, reengineering and downsizing. Leaders and consultants design organizations. Humans are resources that must be carefully aligned on the chart, rather like cogs in a machine. Changes must be planned and mapped out in blueprints, then carefully implemented according to plan. If some of the machinery functions below the expected rhythm, it’s probably time for a “soft" intervention―the occasional team-building―like injecting oil to grease the wheels.
Von Frederic Laloux im Buch Reinventing Organizations (2014)


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