The triange of dagstuhl / Le triangle de dagstuhl
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Education in a digitized world

Perspectives from the German speaking part of Switzerland
Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Council of Europe, 21.06.2019

There are more and more digital phenomena in our environment. The central question is: What questions do students need to be able to ask in order to live maturely in a digital world? The Triangle of Dagstuhltries to visualize three perspectives for questions, each student should be able to ask and answer.
Be aware: The Triangle of Dagstuhl does not mention subjects or buzzwords like "media literacy" or "computational thinking" or "computer science" or "media education" because these terms are poorly defined and often cause pointless fundamental debates. If you omit these terms everybody will agree on the three perspectives visualized in the Triangle of Dagstuhl.