Lambda calculus & more with Snap!
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We are all excited - but why?

Opening Keynote (Video of the keynote together with Mitch Resnick)
Scratch Conference, Amsterdam, 13.08.2015

Jens Mönig and his team belongs to the people who provide a ceiling at the Scratch Conference 2015. With Berkeley Snap you can not only build your own blocks, but you can even do Lambda Calculus.
I have studied computer science, but I could not explain right now how lambda calculus works and what it ist good for. Hmm, Who of you in here has studied computer science?
AND: Who of the computer scientists could explain right now what lambda calculus means and what its good for??
So, are qe just a bunch of computer scientists having fun in amsterdam? It seems to me that there is more.
Who of you is teaching children in K12 or is in some way engaged with schools? Wow. So we have a mission. We’re not only excited and we are not only here to play, but we wan’t to share our excitement. That reminds me of some other well known picture: