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Problem-Based Learning in Technology Education

Marnie Best
Zu finden in: Handbook of Technology Education (Seite 489 bis 503), 2017    
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Technology education challenges learners to think in ways few learning areas afford: to think critically and creatively and to question ways of thinking, doing, and knowing. In doing so, learners develop dispositions which support their ability to problem solve and devise solutions to perceived problems. Problem-based learning (PBL) is a curricular and instructional approach to a learner-centered education in which learners are afforded opportunities to explore, collaborate, research, and respond to authentic, real-world problems and situations. Such experiences provide immense scope for interdisciplinary learning in which learners draw on knowledge, skills, and experiences across the curriculum in their search for new learning. Given the emphasis of collaboration and problem solving within technology education, such an approach is arguably the most appropriate pedagogy for such a unique learning area. Engaging in authentic tasks to devise and develop design-based solutions, PBL facilitates a powerful opportunity to foster students´ intrinsic motivation to learn, within the classroom and beyond. This chapter provides a brief history of PBL and the general characteristics often associated with such an approach, before overviewing the processes of PBL, associated tensions, and discussing its possible role in technology education.
Von Marnie Best im Buch Handbook of Technology Education (2017) im Text Problem-Based Learning in Technology Education

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