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A Work in Progress Paper

Evaluating a Microworlds-based Learning Approach for Developing Literacy and Computational Thinking in Cross-curricular Contexts
Craig Jenkins
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In the 1960s, Papert and his team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed Turtle Graphics using the LOGO programming language. Underpinning this development was a profound new philosophy of how learning happens with computers: a microworlds-based approach to learning. The wider aim of this research project is to examine how a microworlds-based approach may be revived in contemporary educational contexts by secondary school teachers in cross-curricular subject areas. It examines the microworld as a tool for secondary level learning at ages eleven-to-fourteen and explores its potential role in making relevant conceptual learning accessible through practical, constructionist approaches in cross-curricular applications.

This particular work-in-progress paper reports on a comparative evaluation of a microworlds-based approach to teaching poetic verse in the subject domain of drama. A quasi-experimental design was used in order to measure performance gains in specific aspects of computational thinking and literacy development following the microworld-based intervention. Preliminary data reveals a higher improvement in performance but further qualitative data needs to be collected in order to provide further insight to support the quantitative findings.

Von Craig Jenkins im Konferenz-Band Proceedings of the Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education, WiPSCE 2015, London, United Kingdom, November 9-11, 2015 im Text A Work in Progress Paper (2015)

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Seymour Papert, Mitchel Resnick, Jeannette M. Wing

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computational thinkingcomputational thinking, Informatikcomputer science, Informatik-Didaktikdidactics of computer science, Informatik-Unterricht (Fachinformatik)Computer Science Education, Informatikunterricht in der Schule, LOGO (Programmiersprache)LOGO (programming language), microworldmicroworld, Programmierenprogramming
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2006    Computational Thinking (Jeannette M. Wing) 3, 4, 6, 5, 10, 9, 9, 6, 30, 4, 3, 778217633



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