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Personalizing and discussing algorithms within CS1 studio experiences

an observational study
Christopher D. Hundhausen, Jonathan Lee Brown
Zu finden in: ICER 2005 (Seite 45 bis 56), 2005
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Pedagogical algorithm visualization technology aims to assist learners in understanding the dynamic behavior of computer algorithms. A key trend in past experimental studies is that learners benefit most when they are actively engaged with algorithm visualization technology. Inspired by this trend, we are exploring the pedagogical value of a novel active learning activity-the Studio Experience-within the context of an introductory CS1 unit on algorithmic problem-solving. In a Studio Experience, student pairs are given algorithm design problems, e.g., "design two alternative algorithms that reverse the values in a list." They are tasked both with constructing algorithmic solutions and accompanying visualizations, and with presenting their visualizations for feedback and discussion in a session modeled after an architectural "design crit." Through an observational study of studio experience sessions in which students used two alternative forms of visualization technology-art supplies and a computer-based tool-we gained insight into (a) the processes by which students construct visual presentations of algorithms, (b) the characteristics of their visual presentations; (c) the nature of conversations mediated by visual algorithmic solutions; and (d) the kind of visualization technology that best supports these activities. Based on our results, we suggest improvements to the approach, and propose an agenda for future empirical studies.
Von Christopher D. Hundhausen, Jonathan Lee Brown im Konferenz-Band ICER 2005 im Text Personalizing and discussing algorithms within CS1 studio experiences (2005)

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