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Computing as the 4th «R»

a general education approach to computing education
Quintin I. Cutts, Sarah Esper, Beth Simon
Zu finden in: ICER 2011 (Seite 133 bis 138), 2011
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Computing and computation are increasingly pervading our lives, careers, and societies - a change driving interest in computing education at the secondary level. But what should define a "general education" computing course at this level? That is, what would you want every person to know, assuming they never take another computing course? We identify possible outcomes for such a course through the experience of designing and implementing a general education university course utilizing best-practice pedagogies. Though we nominally taught programming, the design of the course led students to report gaining core, transferable skills and the confidence to employ them in their future. We discuss how various aspects of the course likely contributed to these gains. Finally, we encourage the community to embrace the challenge of teaching general education computing in contrast to and in conjunction with existing curricula designed primarily to interest students in the field.

Von Quintin I. Cutts, Sarah Esper, Beth Simon im Konferenz-Band ICER 2011 im Text Computing as the 4th «R» (2011)

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