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Mobile-Assisted Language Learning in China´s College English Education

The Reality and Research
Zhuo Wang, Yang Cui
Zu finden in: Mobile Learning Design (Seite 335 bis 349), 2016   
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Due to the increased college enrollments in China in recent years, today´s college English teachers are facing more challenges than ever. Influenced by the traditional Chinese culture, mainly Confucian, current college English classes in China are often critiqued for their teacher-centered approach, the lack of student autonomy, as well as detachment from realistic social purposes. The use of mobile technologies in language acquisition has been explored by many researchers around the world, and has the potential to spark positive changes in China´s college English education, including enhanced teacher competencies, increased learner autonomy, and improved teacher-student interaction. This paper provides an overview of existing research and practices about mobile-assisted language learning in China´s college English education, and proposes that certain elements should be in place to ensure its successful integration.

Von Zhuo Wang, Yang Cui im Buch Mobile Learning Design (2016) im Text Mobile-Assisted Language Learning in China´s College English Education

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