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A New Wave of Innovation Using Mobile Learning Analytics for Flipped Classroom

Gary K. W. Wong
Zu finden in: Mobile Learning Design (Seite 189 bis 218), 2016   
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Flipped classroom is designed to enrich students´ learning experience through active learning activities in the classroom. To prepare the students for these active learning activities, the teachers typically provide pre-recorded video lectures and various computer-mediated learning activities for the students to go through online before the lessons. When students meet with the teachers face-to-face, they are engaged with interactive and collaborative learning tasks. This flipped learning is further facilitated by mobile technology as the students can access these learning materials anytime anywhere on their mobile devices within and outside the classroom. This chapter describes a conceptual model and an initiative of using mobile learning analytics to understand the learners´ behaviours inside and outside the classroom under flipped learning approach. Empirical data on the students´ perceptions of this initiative is presented as well to supplement the analysis. Issues and implications for designing flipped learning with mobile technology and learning analytics are discussed.

Von Gary K. W. Wong im Buch Mobile Learning Design (2016) im Text A New Wave of Innovation Using Mobile Learning Analytics for Flipped Classroom

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