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Setting Learning Analytics in Context

Overcoming the Barriers to Large-Scale Adoption
Rebecca Ferguson, Leah P. Macfadyen, Doug Clow, Belinda Tynan, Shirley Alexander, Shane Dawson
Erstpublikation in: Setting Learning Analytics in Context: Overcoming the Barriers to Large‐Scale Adoption. Journal of Learning Analytics, 1(3), 120–144.
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A core goal for most learning analytic projects is to move from small‐ scale research towards broader institutional implementation, but this introduces a new set of challenges because institutions are stable systems, resistant to change. To avoid failure and maximize success, implementation of learning analytics at scale requires explicit and careful consideration of the entire TEL technology complex: the different groups of people involved, the educational beliefs and practices of those groups, the technologies they use, and the specific environments within which they operate. It is crucial not only to provide analytics and their associated tools, but also to begin with a clear strategic vision, assess institutional culture critically, identify potential barriers to adoption, develop approaches that can overcome these, and put in place appropriate forms of support, training, and community building. In this paper, we offer tools and case studies that will support educational institutions in deploying learning analytics at scale with the goal of achieving specified learning and teaching objectives. The ROMA Framework offers a step‐by‐step approach to the institutional implementation of learning analytics and this approach is grounded here by case studies of practice from the UK and Australia
Von Rebecca Ferguson, Leah P. Macfadyen, Doug Clow, Belinda Tynan, Shirley Alexander, Shane Dawson im Text Setting Learning Analytics in Context (2015)

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