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Feedback Clickers in Plenary Lectures

A New Tool for Formative Assessment?
Rune Krumsvik
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This article focuses on if, and eventually how, feedback clickers (TurningPoint®) can be used to overcome some of the challenges lecturers have in large plenary lectures. The Bologna-process, new standards for national curricula, increasing diversity among university students and the digital revolution have changed some of the underlying premises for teaching and learning in today´s universities. New policy documents, research and experiences from the university field suggest that there is a potential to develop plenary lectures in light of new technology and more updated teaching methods. A new concept, digital didactics, is underpinning this time of upheaval and this explorative case study describes how bachelor students in large plenary lectures experience the use of feedback clickers from their points of view. This explorative case study consist of surveys, 'live surveys,” observations and document studies and shows that the students feel quite positively towards several of the areas focused on in the study. In particular, the feedback clickers have the potential to enhance interactivity, attention and reflection, as well as provide feedback, which seem to be of great value for the students in the study. One of the implications of this article is that good planning, the use of feedback clickers and multimodality in plenary lectures seem to overcome some of the well-known challenges in plenary lectures and strengthen the possibility for formative assessment.
Von Rune Krumsvik im Buch Transformative Approaches to New Technologies and Student Diversity in Futures Oriented Classrooms (2012) im Text Feedback Clickers in Plenary Lectures

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