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Meeting the Learning Needs of all Learners Through IT

Jutta Treviranus, Vera Roberts
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The malleability and plasticity of information technologies make it possible to bridge barriers to education faced by individuals with disabilities. Properly designed learning applications (e.g., learning objects, learner management systems and learning object repositories) enable the optimization of the learning experience for each learner. This optimization can occur by transforming the resource (the presentation, organization or method of interacting with the resource), or by choosing a suitable resource from a pool of possible resources. Learning resources that comply with accessibility guidelines are more amenable to transformation. When learning resources are pooled, shared and labelled using a common description language, learning applications can help to make the match between the learner´s needs and the resources that meet those needs - whether the needs relate to a disability, the learning background, the learning environment or the preferred learning approach. Specifications, guidelines and standards have been developed to enable this transformation and matching The technology to create inclusive education is available, what is needed is compliant interoperable learning applications and a community of educators and publishers willing to develop, contribute and share learning resources.
Von Jutta Treviranus, Vera Roberts im Buch International Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education (2009) im Text Meeting the Learning Needs of all Learners Through IT

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