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7 Things You Should Know About Mobile Apps for Learning

ELI EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
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Mobile learning, or m-learning, can be any educational interaction delivered through mobile technology. The software that underlies m-learning includes not only mobile applications designed specifically for learning purposes but also those designed for other uses that can be adapted for educational purposes. M-learning hardware can include mobile phones, handheld PCs, tablets, the iPad, and netbooks, as well as devices such as the iPod touch that are able to run mobile applications. The use of mobile devices is a natural fit for distributed learning and field activities in that handheld technology can accompany the learner almost anywhere. Ease of use offered by mobile devices supports lifelong learning, and because the devices themselves are integrated into everyday life, they facilitate authentic learning.
Von ELI EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative im Text 7 Things You Should Know About Mobile Apps for Learning (2010)

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