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Toward Shaping the Learning Experience

An Experiment on Affective Mobile Learning
Jan Kallenbach, Melita Birthaelmer, Sebastian Graeber, Dominik Strohmeier, Niklas Ravaja
Zu finden in: Mobile Learning 2010, 2010   
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In this paper we attempt to bridge the fields of mobile learning and user-adaptive systems research by means of affective computing. In a field experiment we investigated how different environments and ways to present content on mobile devices influence users’ emotions during and their recognition after learning information. Our aim was to find out how learning content should be presented and adapted so that equal learning success across different situations can be achieved by learners. The results show that learners’ emotional stress, as indexed by heart rate and skin conductivity, was significantly higher in a noisy and crowded shopping mall than in a quiet café. Learners’ emotions strongly affected their learning abilities as reflected by measurements of recognition, which was significantly higher for information learned in the café than in the shopping mall. The results show also that participants recalled textual content better if it was presented in chunks via one or more (web-) pages as opposed to a continuous text that required manual scrolling. Based on the results we present initial recommendations for how affective mobile learning services may adapt the presentation of learning content in order to counterbalance environmental effects on learning and thus to assist a learner. While this study confirms earlier results in environmental psychology and emotion research we conclude that it provides an initial empirical base for the design and development of innovative mobile learning applications and services that adapt learning content on the basis of learners’ emotions. This method could counterbalance impeding environmental, cognitive, and emotional influences on learners, shape their learning experiences and thus assist and support mobile learning.
Von Jan Kallenbach, Melita Birthaelmer, Sebastian Graeber, Dominik Strohmeier, Niklas Ravaja im Konferenz-Band Mobile Learning 2010 (2010) im Text Toward Shaping the Learning Experience

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