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Identifying Discarded Work in Wiki Article History
Michael D. Ekstrand, John Riedl
Zu finden in: WikiSym 2009, 2009
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Wiki systems typically display article history as a linear sequence of revisions in chronological order. This representation hides deeper relationships among the revisions, such as which earlier revision provided most of the content for a later revision, or when a revision effectively reverses the changes made by a prior revision. These relationships are valuable in understanding what happened between editors in conflict over article content. We present methods for detecting when a revision discards the work of one or more other revisions, a means of visualizing these relationships in-line with existing history views, and a computational method for detecting discarded work. We show through a series of examples that these tools can aid mediators of wiki content disputes by making salient the structure of the ongoing conflict. Further, the computational tools provide a means of determining whether or not a revision has been accepted by the community of editors surrounding the article.
Von Michael D. Ekstrand, John Riedl im Konferenz-Band WikiSym 2009 (2009) im Text rv you're dumb

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CommunityCommunity, Kollaboratives Schreibencollaborative writing, Schreibenwriting, Strukturstructure, Versionsverwaltungrevision control, Wikiwiki

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