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A Tool for Storing and Exploring Ideas

Kudang B. Seminar, Robert N. Robson
Zu finden in: ICCAL '92 (Seite 568 bis 580), 1992
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This paper discusses a tool for organizing and exploring ideas; they may be critiques, comments, opinions, or concepts contributed by different competent people or experts. This tool is very useful in distributed environments, learning and teaching environments, cooperative environments, and multiple expert environments that need to generate, compile, and integrate diverse ideas, and maintain them so that they become collective information available to the public for supervision, consultation, and knowledge acquisition. This tool allows various people living in different places to contribute ideas, explore each other's ideas, and summarize them. The power of the proposed tool lies on its formality (i.e. based on mathematical formulation) and its simplicity. The underlying model for building the tool is the triangle model discussed in [SR91a].
Von Kudang B. Seminar, Robert N. Robson im Konferenz-Band ICCAL '92 im Text A Tool for Storing and Exploring Ideas (1992)

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