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Interactivity in the Lecture Theatre

Lillian Greenwood, Paddy Haughian


This project explores how introducing tablet PCs and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) into the lecture format can facilitate learners’ engagement with their subject material and promote deeper learning. At present, most (Draper and Brown, 2004) research in this field is confined to evaluating work in lecture theatres which are equipped with electronic voting systems which promote a static teaching style. The acquisition of tablet PCs and PDAs from the HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative (2004) enabled us to take a more constructivist approach to teaching by introducing the element of interactivity (eg, problems, simulations and tasks) into the lecture. A pilot study in the use of the use of tablet PCs and PDAs in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels has been undertaken over the last year (two semesters of 12 weeks each) within Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast. The study suggests that the students and lecturers welcome this new approach and embrace the learning and empowerment it provides. In essence, the technologies allow the key pedagogic principles of motivation, active participation, feedback, reflection, and contingent teaching to be incorporated into the lecture format.
Von Lillian Greenwood, Paddy Haughian im Konferenz-Band The Impact of Tablet PCs and Pen-based Technology on Education 2006 (2006) im Text Interactivity in the Lecture Theatre

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