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ICT in European Schools

A Value and Cost Analysis of Microsoft and Open Source Technology Solutions
WIPRO Product Strategy & Architecture Practice
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The results of this study reveal that the Microsoft platform outperforms Open Source alternatives when it comes to supporting the priorities of European schools.
Von WIPRO Product Strategy & Architecture Practice im Text ICT in European Schools
Detailed surveys and interviews with 73 primary and secondary schools across Europe demonstrate that technology solutions from Microsoft Corporation are superior to comparable Open Source software in supporting the needs of schools.
Von WIPRO Product Strategy & Architecture Practice im Text ICT in European Schools
In the final analysis, Wipro concludes that for today’s European primary and secondary schools, Microsoft products are better suited to support learning, teaching, and administration. Also, the labour cost of Microsoft schools is lower than Open Source schools. European schools that choose a Microsoft-based ICT environment will be well equipped to help students learn, and prepare them for the job market, enable teachers to be effective, and help administrators stay productive.
Von WIPRO Product Strategy & Architecture Practice im Text ICT in European Schools
Students and teachers find the Microsoft product set to be easier and more intuitive to use than Open Source solutions. This study has also confirmed that students and teachers feel that Microsoft better supports their daily activities. The higher satisfaction levels and functionality associated with the Microsoft platform translates into amplified end-user productivity. By embracing Microsoft solutions, schools show a commitment to meet the needs and preferences of their stakeholders; helping these stakeholders achieve success.
The data was not quite as strongly in Microsoft’s favour for administrators. Overall, administrators prefer Microsoft over OSS solutions, but they rate the two platforms equally when it comes to supporting common daily tasks. Qualitative feedback indicates that administrator preference towards Microsoft is likely driven by the fact that they are more experienced with Microsoft Office and its associated applications — as opposed to any specific features or functionality of Microsoft that set it apart from OSS.
The data from this study also establishes that schools can considerably reduce their ICT support effort by embracing a platform standardized on Microsoft software solutions. A reduction in ICT support effort saves money and also allows the individuals responsible for PC problem resolution to focus their energies on valueadded activities that can positively impact the role ICT plays in a student’s education.
Von WIPRO Product Strategy & Architecture Practice im Text ICT in European Schools


To the best of our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive survey of Microsoft and OSS use in European schools - in terms of content depth and geographic breadth.
Von WIPRO Product Strategy & Architecture Practice im Text ICT in European Schools

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