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Professional Development for Aspiring CIOs

William F. Hogue, David W. Dodd
Zu finden in: Educause Quarterly 3/2006, 2006
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A faculty member who attended an ITSS intensive seven-day workshop made the following comment: “You’re not like normal IT people.” When asked for clarification, the faculty member said that we (the authors) talk on their terms in non-techie language and that we are committed to their success instead of telling them what they should do or how they should do it. This sentiment was not isolated—feedback from other training workshops echoed a similar theme. These comments reveal the need for IT departments to match staff personality to the job. Working with faculty, an IT staff member should have a philosophy of working with the individual to help find an effective use for each specific situation based on the faculty member’s needs (technical skill level, time constraints, resource availability, and so forth).
Von William F. Hogue, David W. Dodd in der Zeitschrift Educause Quarterly 3/2006 (2006) im Text Professional Development for Aspiring CIOs

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