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The Interplay of Internal and External Scripts

A Distributed Cognition Perspective
Stefan Carmien, Ingo Kollar, Gerhard Fischer, Frank Fischer
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Ingo KollarFrank FischerThis chapter describes the different script types that are involved when a person X is accomplishing a particular task Y. We refer to concepts and ideas from distributed cognition theories. It is assumed that individuals are holding internal scripts that guide them in the way they process tasks they are faced with, and these internal scripts are standing in a complex relationship to the external scripts provided by an artifact or by other persons. Three factors are regarded as crucial in order to describe the accomplishment of a task, namely (a) the actual activity, (b) knowledge underlying the activity, and (c) the executive function, a (meta-)cognitive instance that is setting the goals for the task and controls the system’s task accomplishment. For each of these three main factors, several sub-categories are introduced, on which two script approaches are compared. The first approach represents a script designed to support individuals with cognitive disabilities in accomplishing everyday tasks (“tool for living”) and the other one was implemented in a computer-supported collaborative learning environment to facilitate students’ collaborative argumentation (“tool for learning”). Implications of the comparison for the design of external scripts are derived and directions for future research are discussed.
Von Stefan Carmien, Ingo Kollar, Gerhard Fischer, Frank Fischer im Buch Scripting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (2007) im Text The Interplay of Internal and External Scripts

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