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Search Engine Users

Internet searchers are confident, satisfied and trusting - but they are also unaware and naïve.
Deborah Fallows
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  • Internet users are very positive about their online search experiences.
  • Most searchers use search engines conservatively.
  • Most searchers are naïve about search engines and search results.
  • Internet users turn to search engines for both important and trivial questions.
  • Men are more intense and savvy searchers than women.
  • Young users are more avid, committed, and trusting searchers than older users.
Von Deborah Fallows im Text Search Engine Users (2005)
Today’s internet users are very positive about what search engines already do, and they feel good about their experiences when searching the internet. They say they are comfortable and confident as searchers and are satisfied with the results they find. They trust search engines to be fair and unbiased in returning results. And yet, people know little about how engines operate, or about the financial tensions that play into how engines perform their searches and how they present their search results. Furthermore, searchers largely don’t notice or understand or discern the different kinds of search results that are being served up to them.
This odd situation, in which a growing population of users relies on technology most of them don’t understand, highlights the responsibility placed on search engine companies. They are businesses, in many cases extremely successful ones but their effects on society are far more than merely commercial. One unexpected implication of our study is that search engines are attaining the status of other institutions legal, medical, educational, governmental, journalistic whose performance the public judges by unusually high standards, because the public is unusually reliant on them for principled performance.
Von Deborah Fallows im Text Search Engine Users (2005)


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In impressive numbers, users trust their search engines. Some 68% of users in our survey say that search engines are a fair and unbiased source of information. Some 19% disagree, saying they don’t have that trust in search engines.
von Deborah Fallows im Text Search Engine Users (2005)
Nearly all searchers consider themselves successful in their searching. Some 87% of searchers say they have successful search experiences: some 17% of users say they always find the information they’re looking for, and an additional 70% say they find the information they’re looking for most of the time.
von Deborah Fallows im Text Search Engine Users (2005)


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