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The Myths about CIOs

"If We Could Just Find a Good CIO, These Problems Would Go Away"
Personenreihenfolge alphabetisch und evtl. nicht korrekt Brian L. Hawkins, Diana G. Oblinger
Zu finden in: Educause Review 40/1, 2005
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Among the responsibilities of EDUCAUSE is actively educating and informing college and university executives about key issues related to information technology. The goal is to create a more realistic understanding of IT issues for presidents, CFOs, chief academic officers, and other institutional leaders. As part of this effort, the two of us produced, in conjunction with the American Council on Education (ACE), a seminar titled “Strategic Management of Information Technology: What Presidents Need to Know.” However, rather than telling presidents what they need to know, we developed a set of myths about IT and then challenged the myths— as a way to change all-too-common beliefs about IT on campus. This new EDUCAUSE Review department "IT Myths" will present one myth in each issue of the magazine. We hope the department will allow discussions about the myths and the realities of IT to be held on individual campuses, creating a much-needed dialogue about the management of IT and about its impact beyond the CIO’s office. We look forward to your comments about this department and to your suggestions for other "myths" we have yet to cover.
Von Brian L. Hawkins, Diana G. Oblinger Personenreihenfolge alphabetisch und evtl. nicht korrekt in der Zeitschrift Educause Review 40/1 (2005) im Text The Myths about CIOs

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