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Access Database Design & Programming

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Access Database Design & Programming takes you behind the details of the Access interface, focusing on the general knowledge necessary for Access power users or developers to create effective database applications. When using software products with graphical interfaces, we frequently focus so much on the interface that we forget about the general concepts that allow us to understand and use the software effectively. In particular, this book focuses on three areas:
  • Database design. The book provides an enjoyable, informative overview of database design that carefully shows you how to normalize tables to eliminate redundancy without losing data.
  • Queries. The book examines multi-table queries (i.e.,various types of joins) and shows how to implement them indirectly by using the Access interface or directly by using Access SQL.
  • Programming. The book examines the VBA integrated development environment (IDE). It then goes on to provide an excellent introduction to Data Access Objects (DAO), ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), and ADO Extensions for Data Definition and Security (ADOX). These sections serve as a handy introduction and primer for basic database operations,such as modifying a table under program control, dynamically adding and deleting a record, and repositioning a record pointer. The concluding chapter focuses on common programming problems, such as computing running sums and comparing two sets.
Unlike other Access books that take the long, detailed approach to every topic of concern to Access programmers, Access Database Design &Programming instead focuses on the core concepts, enabling programmers to develop solid, effective database applications. This book also serves as a 'second course' in Access that provides a relatively experienced Access user who is new to programming with the frequently overlooked techniques necessary to develop successfully in the Microsoft Access environment. Anyone interested in learning Access in depth, rather than just scraping the surface, will enjoy and benefit immensely from reading this book.
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Most books on Microsoft Access focus primarily on the Access interface and its components, giving little attention to the more important issue of database design. After all, once the database application is complete, the interface components play only a small role, whereas the design continues to affect the usefulness of the application.
In attempting to restore the focus on database design, this book aspires to be a kind of "second course" in Microsoft Access - a book for Access users who have mastered the basics of the interface, are familiar with such things as creating tables and designing queries, and now want to move beyond the interface to create programmable Access applications. This book provides a firm foundation on which you can begin to build your database-application development skills.
At the same time that this book is intended primarily as an introduction to Access for aspiring database-application developers, it also is of interest to more experienced Access programmers. For the most part, such topics as normal forms or the details of the relational algebra are almost exclusively the preserve of the academic world. By introducing these topics to the mainstream Access audience, Access Database Design and Programming offers a concise, succinct, readable guide that experienced Access developers can turn to whenever some of the details of database design or SQL statements escape them.
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